Thursday, November 12, 2009

Starlight Children

Here are some dolls that I made last holiday season, they are probably all well loved by children somewhere now. Three of them were made with a yummy angora sweater I had scored at a local thrift store, I would love to find another one of those!
I'm finally recovering from my bout with the swine flu and hopefully soon will be happily creating more in my new work shop! I really can't wait..maybe this illness was just what I needed to inspire me with the desire to make some new toys. Learning to respect my creative flow has been a big part of my craft and I think I am finally finding some balance with that!
Some days are productive and other days are simply not..that's why its important for me to find the time to make things as gifts or just for fun keep the creative juices flowing!


lynda Howells said...

I know it is abit late to comment but came upon you by chance. these dolls are so cute and l can feel how soft and cuddly they must be!