Saturday, November 14, 2009

Starlight Crown Give Away!

Who wants to play dress up?
These simple crowns are a cornerstone of creative play at our house! Whether for a special day, or to be prince or princess these are lots and lots of fun.
They are made from high quality wool felt with six simple stars (say that 5 times fast!) appliqued. One size fits most, velcro closure in the back.
The giveaway crown is the one in the bottom picture. Yellow with red and green stars!
If you would like to have this special crown please post a comment. Comments close at 11:59pm mst Tuesday November 17 2009.
Good Luck!
and the winner is..
Marirose please send me your email me so that I can get the crown to you
(sorry for the delay on announcing the winner!)


olyve said...


Beth said...

I love these crowns so much and when I can I like to give one to someone special along with a wand or a cape or a homemade cd full of fun music to dance to... speaking of which, I wondering if you know of any good prince or princess music. I'm working on my holiday mix this week.

I also wanted to point folks to Walking Stick Toys for another reason beyond the fabulous Starlight gifts - those incredible art supplies. Forget letting the kids play with them. Keep them for yourself! Or maybe let a child earn the right to play with them once in a blue moon as a treat. My current favorites are the water colour pencils by Mercurius.

kuhlmama said...

I always go straight to the table with your stuff on it whenever I go into NatureBoy/WalkingStick. You have such beautiful stuff for sale!

Anna, I've made a couple of Waldorf-style dolls (from kits), but I have not been able to locate an inexpensive source of flesh-colored interlock fabric for the dolls' skin. Could you tell me the name of a good supplier or two that I might be able to check out? (I'm planning on making a couple dolls for Christmas this year.)

Marirose Kuhlman

Anna said...

Beth and Marirose
thankyou so much for your kind words...I love hearing them!
And Beth you are so right about the art supplies @ walking amazing! We love the beeswax block crayons too!
I order doll skin fabric from weir dolls and crafts
another company i used Joy's dolls i s going out of business(sad)
but if they are still filling orders you could probably get some great deals.
Happy doll making!

Ursula said...

Ohh! So lovely Anna! xoxo Urs